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It is our responsibility to honestly and professionally assess your property's rental potential. This is why our valuation process takes into account similar comparable properties and rental market trends, which may affect your property. A realistic rental evaluation is essential to ensure your property is let promptly, resulting in a better financial return on your investment for the longer term.



We adopt a very strict screening process which aims to obtain the best possible tenant for your property. Our detailed application form enables us to establish current and previous tenancy and employment history, as well as screening business and personal references. We also complete a background check on the tenants. The company we use and the information supplied is only available to estate agents and advises us if the tenants have any outstanding debts or judgments against their name from previous tenancies. This can protect you from poor tenants. Once all this information has been obtained, we shall contact you to discuss the application, provide you with our thoughts and recommendations and give you all the information you need to make the final choice of who the tenant will be.



We prepare all the required documentation, ensuring that it complies with all the appropriate acts and regulations. It is also our responsibility to ensure that the tenant understands their obligations and we take the time to ensure they do and clearly explain to the tenants at the time of signing the importance of the document.



It is our policy to develop open and honest communication with our clients, to build mutual trust and to maintain positive relationships with them. We deliver the highest standard of service keeping in mind the importance of personal contact.



Our accounts department offers prompt payment of all rental income. We produce rental statements on a set date every month and transferred directly to your nominated account. A statement with a cheque can also be forwarded to you, if you prefer.



It is our policy to contact owners for authorisation before work can be carried out for large repairs. We can organise any works to be carried out on your behalf by a variety of trusted qualified tradesmen who look after all properties managed by our firm.

In the event you have a preferred trade person to carry out any repairs, just provide information of these trades’ people for our file.



Routine inspections are conducted on all properties every 6 months. It's our policy to ensure that the tenant is looking after your property and that your financial interests are safeguarded. We will also supply you with an informative report on the condition of your property which includes photos, and a brief description on each aspect of your property so as to keep you fully informed at all times.



A detailed report of the condition of your property is completed by our property managers both at the commencement and termination of the tenancy.

Copies of the Condition Report are signed and exchanged with the tenant and kept with the property file. At the conclusion of the tenancy a thorough inspection is undertaken and any issues identified and resolved with the tenant. This ensures that the property is maintained and left in good condition for the next tenant.

We offer as part of additional services to our clients' photographic evidence supporting the condition report


Frequently asked questions.


How quickly can you find a tenant for my property?

We make it our aim to lease your property at the highest possible rent to the most suitable tenant in the shortest possible time.  A dedicated letting consultant handles the leasing process of your investment property, and once an authority is signed with your company, we commence marketing your property immediately.  Prospective tenants that we have on our database are contacted and advised that your property is available for lease and auto